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If you have lost a cat please check OUR CATS
If you have lost a Rabbit please check OUR RABBITS
Lost Pets
Click Here if you have lost a dog check the Dog Wardens Kennel Gallery. If you have found a dog you are required by law to notify the Dog Wardens on 0151 647 8799 (out of hours 0151 647 7810).
Responsibility for stray dogs lies with the local council.

The Animal Centre is not licensed or empowered to take in stray dogs.

Please do not bring any animals to the Centre unless we have already told you that we have a space for it. If it is an emergency please contact our Inspectors on
0300 1234 999.

Please take any wildlife to your local vet.

Dog Wardens
Wirral 0151 647 8799 (out of hours 0151 647 7810)
Chester 01244 402 304
Ellesmere Port & Neston 0300 123 7038
Congleton, Crewe & Nantwich 01270 537 777
Found Pets
Happy Homes
If you have lost your cat please send a photo to rspcawirral@btconnect.com with a description, as much information as possible together with WHERE it went missing from. Remember if you microchip your pet there is a much higher chance of being reunited. It costs only £10 here at the Animal Centre and takes a second to do. Don't risk it!
If you have facebook please feel free to 'tag' us in a photo, with as much information about the cat as possible. We have over 5000 friends, lots of them share so your lost pet can reach a very wide audience.
click here for facebook
noodle missing
Lost Lilac point Siamese 10 year old neutered male. Missing from the Laburnum Rd area of Oxton. He is micro chipped. If you have found him please contact Lisa Williams on 512 2438 or 07793592688.
missing cat 6th dec
Missing cat from Bridge Drive/A41 AREA OF Christleton Chester CH3. Neutered male 8 year old tabby cat called Thomas missing from home since Tuesday 6th November. If you have found this cat please contact Judy Smith on 01244 335758 or email judy.smith20@talktalk.net
lexie missing
LEXIE - 6 1/2 months old
Missing from Deveraux Drive, Wallasey since 7/11/2012 @ 14.30pm
Faded grey/orange flea collar
Micro-chipped, spayed and has had jabs
Loves treats, being fussed and warm places.
Scared of dogs, cars and loud noises.
Last seen by a local resident on a fence on Oxton Road.
She has 3 white paws which make her distinctive.

Has never been out this long. Normally only goes out on the front or into the yard then comes back inside after 10 mins.  

If you have found this cat please call Indie Thompson on 07584717372.
lilly missing
Lost Cat Lilly, last seen on Nelson Drive, Pensby CH61, Female, Tabby/Tortoiseshell colour, age: around 2 years old, no coller or tag, but is microchipped although with the previous owners details in CH61 8RJ . She has a distinctive white stripe down one side of nose from brow to bridge in a v like shape. Desperately missed & much loved by owner Michelle Gill, CH61 - if you have found, seen or have any information to help me get my Lilly back home safe & well please either contact me by e-mail: michelle.e.gill.meg@gmail.com   or phone: 07429 880 735 / 0151 648 1680-(h) / 0151 648 1474-(mum) / 0151 342 0599-(w)
Lost black cat 4 year old neutered male he is microchipped to an old address possibly in Manchester. He is wearing a black collar with diamante studs. He has gone missing in the Wallasey area 27/9/12. If you have found this cat please call Anna on 07581 136517.
Missing ginger tom he's 10 months old, called Elvis! He was neutered about 4 months ago, should have a blue collar, missing since the 1st of October round the new ferry area and is missed so much!
Please can you keep a look out for him? If you have found Elvis please call Sue on 07792330452
Thank u, fingers crossed!
Missing cat, white with black patches, female, Lost from the Woodlands, CH41 area. If found please call Paulina on 07716 181399.
Missing cat last seen 28/09/2012 on Meols drive, WEST KIRBY/ HOYLAKE
If you have seen this cat please contact Mrs Smith on 07506233226.
Description- male 3 year old Siberian forest cat, mainly white body with a large tabby spot, tabby face and tail.  

Reward for safe return
Thank you
Missing cat 26/9/12 All black long haired neutered male wearing a blue studded collar. Missing from Beaconsfield Rd, New Ferry area. If you have seen this cat please contact Graham on 07432 543103 or 0151 6452079
LOST CAT HOOLE, CHESTER AREA CH2 3JF, and we have last seen our cat on Saturday 2nd September during the early hours.
We live in the Hoole Area of Chester and our female black cat has now been missing for days now. We fear she may be trapped somewhere. She is a small black fluffy cat with green eyes, and has lightly scattered white hairs with a small white patch between her back legs underneath. She also has no collar, as she used to escape every one we put on her, and unfortunately she is not chipped although she will be when found....

We are very worried and would be really grateful if you could help!

Ryan 07854 368599 (If it goes to voicemail please leave a message).

A REWARD of £100 is offered for her return or any useful information leading to her return.

Thank you
Lost cockatiel, Billy went missing on the 31st August from Meols on the Wirral. He is very tame and will sit on your hand. He likes his head being stroked and gives kisses, Please call Jo on 07972 032519 if you have found him.
My cat Molly has been missing since Monday 6th August morning.

She is from Danescourt Road in the Claughton/Birkenhead Park area.

She is microchipped but has lost her collar shortly before she went missing.

She is quite a small black cat. Please find photo attached.

I have called Wirral Council and they have had no reports of any injured cats etc.

I am going to put flyers through letter boxes tonight asking people to check their sheds/outbuildings etc.
LOST CAT - OFF SEAVIEW ROAD, WALLASEY - My cat has gone missing, she's called Polly and she's black and white, not particularly friendly towards strangers and she's quite big.
I live in the Liscard area, in Longview Avenue which is just off Seaview Road.
Please contact us with any info.

LOST CAT - BELL ROAD, WALLASEY. his name is ollie and he has been missing from bell road,wallasey since monday 6th august, he is microchipped...

LOST CAT STANNEY ESTATE, ELLESMERE PORT. Her name is Tallulah, she answers to Lullah or sometimes a whistle. She's grey & white, a year old, has a pink hello kitty collar on and if you look in her mouth one of her fangs is really short. She went missing last night from the Raby Court area of the Stanney Estate in Ellesmere Port. If you have any information about her please call me immediately on 07972762032 or 07715277493 we'll do anything to get her back.

Missing Reggie, he is a 10 month old male. He went missing last Sunday 29th July from St Johns Rd, Eastham. He has a leopard print collar on. If found please contact the Animal Centre on 0151 638 6318.
Missing cat Bailey, tabby neutered male. Missing from Clarendon Rd in Wallasey. If you have found him please contact Katrina on 07828448558.
Missing: Queen of Bavaria parrot This is a vivid yellow and green bird. Missing from the Whitby, Ellesmere Port area, if you have found this bird or have seen it please contact Steve Ward on 07753750186.
Black & White Male cat, been missing since Saturday 30th June, very large and friendly. Neutered and microchipped. Desperately missed as never wanders or strays.  
Reward Given
Please, please check your sheds, garages and bins.
Any information 24/7 please contact Nicole 0775914135

Mountain View
timmy missing
izzy missing
Missing cat. Missing from the Poulton Road Wallasey area since Wednesday 27th June. Small grey long haired cat with black and purple collar she is MICROCHIPPED. Please if you have seen her or know of anyone who has phone 07956899904 0r 0151 6385983. Her 7 year old little girl is missing her very much and really wants her home.
The budgie is a 4 year old male called Bertie. He is green with black tail feathers and yellow wing feathers.   His cere has some brown coloured crusts. He has black spots around his face and blue colouring on his cheeks.  

He was last seen flying high from York Avenue West Kirby towards Macdona Drive and the River Dee at approx. 7.30pm on 21st June.

Thank you for your help if found please contact Annabel Rogers 0151 625 0306.
Luna is over 2 years old, a small tabby but a bit chubby. She does not wear a collar as she likes to climb trees; but she was micro-chipped in 2010, when she was also spayed. If Luna does come in we can be contacted on 07732861612. Luna was last seen on sunday 10th june in the night; in the Townfield Lane/ Shavington Avenue area of Oxton.

Many Thanks
Claire West
Sent of behalf of Irene West
COOKIE Male , small 2yr old, long and thin with usual light brown/grey fur ...... LOST - Friday 8th June ….... We are really worried as he was having stomach pains and about to go to the vets for treatment so needs to be found AS SOON AS POSSIBLE

If You Find Him Or Have Any Information/Sightings
Please Immediately Call   07927 471510 or 0151 336 3353   OR Knock at 6 Romney way, little Neston
cookie missing
Fred went missing on 16th May from Moseley Road, Spital/surrounding area.

He is 2 years & 9 months old. He is black with 4 white feet and white patches on nose, neck/chest & stomach.
He was wearing a black & red 'STAYWELL' collar with a catflap magnet attached. He does not have an ID tag but is microchipped.
He is very nervous of people and sudden movement/noises and would likely hide if injured/lost.
Please call 0151 334 8150 or 07986 359331, anytime day or night with any information, as he is missed desperately and we are terribly worried about him.
Missing from Broxton Avenue in Prenton, Laurel has been missing since Monday
07/05/12. approx 11 months old, white and tabby. She was wearing a gold glitter collar and was seen on Sunday
06/05/12. There is no identity tag on the collar, but she is microchipped. I
have informed the microchip company that she is missing.
Thank you
Beloved pet of Kerry & Leah
Went missing since Friday morning 8/6/2012….. Please check your garages, sheds, trees and gardens….If you have seen her please contact me asap Kerry on 07837103225
tammy missing


Missing Cockatiel from Gainsborough road upton wirral.
She is five years old her name is Sukie . She is tame but doesnt like hands or being held but will happily come and sit on your shoulder or knee . She has been missing since Sunday 27th May.If seen or found please contact Emma or Martin Pitt
on 0151 677 5778 0r 07725991907. thankyou .
LOST CAT - KINGSLEY ROAD, WALLASEY. Male. Quite distinctive as only has three quarters of a tail. been missing for 1-2 months. 21/05/12
Cats Name Willo

Large 7 month old kitten light ginger with tiger strips down the side of body and on his Tail.   Has been missing since 2am thursday 17/5/12 from Lucerne Road Wallasey. If you have found this cat please contact Steven on 07856 964570.
9th May 2012 LOST CAT PLEASE HELP -OLLIE IS STILL MISSING FROM BIRKENHEAD PARK AREA. He's 8/9 months old, male tabby cat, family devastated if anyone has seen him please contact us or julie roach on 07760313303. REWARD offered thank you
9th May 2012 - Sulley is my beautiful gorgeous cat and has suddenly gone missing from the Tattenhall, Cheshire area. He is 8 yrs old. He has been neutered and is very friendly. He has been missing for 2 weeks now and we are all very upset that he is away from us. He had never been away from us or wondered off before so it's very unusual. If anyone has any info then please contact me on 01829 772661
8th May 2012 LOST CAT SEACOMBE AREA - Saffy is an 11 year old tabby, she is wearing a yellow collar with gems on it. She's been missing for a few days now so her family are very concerned about her. If you have any information please contact us. She is spayed.
Rolo is 5 years old has been neutered and microchipped was last seeen in northern moor - Manchester m23 on thursday 26th April 2012.He is a friendly cat much loved.Reward Given
please call sarah 07773 51 61 63.
this is Jasper our 10 year old (but looks younger) neutered tabby cat, he went out about 2 weeks ago and we haven't seen him since which is so unlike him, he is very friendly and curious (sneaks into peoples houses etc) he was last seen in Warwick close   Westbourne road/Grange road west area of Birkenhead, if anybody knows his whereabouts please contact me on 07955515052 as he is terribly missed.
29 April 2012
Tilly - black and white tomcat missing from Aysgarth Road, Wallasey
No collar
Not Microchipped

Please contact 07545192097

Thank you
Poppy went missing on Friday 13th April from Sherry Lane, Arrowe Park. She had just been rehomed and unfortunately escaped. She is 13 years old, grey and white with grey across her nose. No collar, she is microchipped but this would still show her old address in Wallasey as it is still in the process of being changed.
She is a timid cat, we are very worried about her and concerned that she will not know her way to her new home. Please check sheds/garages any info please to:
Donna O'Dowd on 0151 645 7957 / 07946 338671 / 0151 677 1784 Many thanks.
suki missing
Suki went missing from Bebington, Wirral on Monday 26th March. She is a black and white short haired three year old female and is micro chipped. She is wearing a collar and name tag.   She has a very recognisable white stripe up her nose and between her eyes. If found please call Mr & Mrs Lewis on 0151 644 9164
Grey and white 2 year old neutered female. Missing from Park Rd West, Birkenhead since 6th April. If found please contact Amanda on 0151 345 5965 or 07436 000550.
lilly missing
Missing 'Lily'. She went missing from Greenway in Greasby (ch49). She has a pink leather collar on with bell and name tag also. My number is 07720382078 or my partner (carl) is 07825323623. Many thanks, Sam.
jerry missing
Missing Cat Jerry (Jezz). Very friendly and much loved Family Cat.
Dearly missed. Jerry is wearing a red collar and has been missing since Wed 28th March. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please call 07757214016
0151 334 2210 (Spital).
Lost in Puddington, Rusty is a 2 year old male Jack Russell, He is 2 years old and disappeared from his home on April 5th, if anyone has seen him or knows where he is please contact us asap. He wasn't wearing a collar and isn't chipped.
Have you seen our cat?
Max was last seen on the evening of Thursday 22nd March 2012 at his home address of 67 Devonshire Road, Oxton

If you have seen him, please contact Richard & Bernadette on:
07875244241 or 07773704019
I came in to your Cross Lane branch earlier this afternoon to register our cat as missing.   You very kindly took one of our homemade posters and the details of Pebbles.   He is micro-chipped and "Petlog" have been informed that he is missing.   Our local vets have too.  

You asked me to email you with pictures so that you may place him on your website.   I've given you three.   The two of him laying on his back are from a couple of years ago, but they show his markings.   The one with him sat is only a couple of months old.   He will be 6 yrs on 13th May 2012.   He is a large cat, muscular and quite heavy (but not in a fat sense).   He is very timid with people he doesn't know and "talks" a lot.....

Thank you for your help in trying to bring him home....we have his mother who won't stop crying.

I found please call Mrs Lisa Fields on 07748 520624.
Our beloved Rufus was spooked by builders Feb 2009 in Waverton, Chester. I placed his name & photo etc. locally & with many pet agencies.
Rufus a pale ginger neutered Tom aged +- 12 yrs. (2009) he has little freckles on his nose & is quite timid with strangers. If found please contact Paula on 01244 332473 or 07919 486639.
Missing cat from Whitby Ellesmere port on the 9th of march. Very much loved and missed, please check your sheds and garages has no collar but has been chipped. Please call 07873664334 with any info thank you!
Hi our much loved pet cat Delboy has gone missing from Greenwood Lane in Wallasey. He went out at 12.00pm Sunday 4th March and hasnt come home. This is out of character as he usually only goes out for an hour or two.   He has a heart defect and we really want him home. If anybody has seen him please contact me asap on 07967039281 Sarah x
He went missing from Norwood Road area of Greasby
Tulola been missing since 16/02/12 from Collin Road, Northend area of Birkenhead really missed by family please contact cheryl 0151 652 3980 if seen many thanks
(Black and white neutered short haired female).
Kizzy has gone missing from TWICKENHAM DRIVE, LEASOWE. She is 7-8 years. She is new to the area so isn't familiar and is a housecat. She is a tabby/tortie, microchipped but no collar. She has One ginger leg and half a tail so quite distinctive. She has been missing since Thursday 2nd February. Please contact us on 638 6318 with any info.
My cat went missing yesterday from Prescot Street in New Brighton, I have attached a photograph of her, missing poster and given a description below.
Mainly black with white paws, chin and chest, Skinny, Not many whiskers, 10 years old. My phone number is 07599107346, please could you contact me if you see her. I am especially worried as she is a house cat and she has medication every other day for an over active thyroid and has a special renal diet for kidney problems. Thanks, Lindsey.
Missing cat- gizmo, 6 yrs old, long haired black cat with white face and white neck. missing since thursday night from the borough road tranmere area. wearing a red leather collar but no tag.
Cat's Name: Jasper Jazzypants
Description: Ginger Tom
College Close, Wallasey Village, CH45 3PD

Last seen: College Close/Village Way area Wallasey Village on Sunday 8th
January 2012, was limping - front right paw.

If anyone has seen Jasper jazzypants or has any information please contact us or the above number.

11 january 2012
lost on 30 December 2011 from Llyndir View, Wrexham. 7 months old, not neutered or chipped but may have a blue collar on with white paw prints. Any information please contact us or Ashley on 07516 609 990 or 07540 402 597.

7 January 2012
Fudge - Beige Male Netherland Dwarf rabbit missing since overnight of 29th/
morning of 30th December. Went missing from back garden of Talbot Road,
Great Sutton area of Ellesmere Port. Posters delivered to all local streets
+ ads put up in local shops/vets.
Any information please contact Katie - 07944233276
My cat went missing on Christmas Day. He is a male, black short hair persian. He is a house cat and doesn't usually go out but on this occasion escaped and I haven't seen him since. He went missing from my home in Royden Road, Upton which is located on the Overchurch. If found please contact 0151 488 5344 or 07540 181988 Thanks Jennifer.
Missing from Rullerton Road Wallasey ( Greasby road /The Boot pub area) Wednesday night 21st December 2011. Small black cat with white marks under chin and on chest. Very deaf and very vocal. She is nearly 20 years old but looks younger, and is very timid. She is an indoor cat as obviously she is very vulnerable if she is outside because of her deafness. Unfortunately she did not have her collar on and isn’t chipped.
Any information please phone 07885387355 – reward for her safe return.
Thank you
wilmer cat
15 December - Missing from Wilmer Road Birkenhead
He is a Ginger shorthair and usually hangs around in the Saltney area around the playing fields of Saltney Wood Memorial and St Anthony Schools and opposite the Police Station in Chainmakers Row near the High Street. He is approx. 2 years old and very friendly.Please contact 07971520753 missing since approximately 9th December.
Please can you keep looking for my missing bengal cat?

He's male, neutered, aged 6, microchipped. brown spotted.

He went missing from Wirral (bebington) on 25th September.

We suspect he has picked up because we have leafleted and postered the area (1/2 mile radius) and searched extensively.

If you have found him please contact Sarah on 07738824550.
My cat peanut has gone missing from the barnston lane area of moreton,
he went missing on 24th November
he is a two yr old light coloured ginger and white castrated male
slight build, no collar,
but is microchipped

If you have found Peanut please contact Eileen Rowe on 01516783068 or 07889123433.
Sooty is a black and white cat with white chest and paws and an all-black tail. He has a small nick in his right ear which might have been from a fight years ago.

He went missing from the garden at about midnight on 13th November and hasn’t been seen since. We are particularly worried because he is a predominantly indoors cat and has a specific routine which he has stuck to for years. He has never gone missing before and it’s not in his nature to roam far from the house in Boulton Avenue, West Kirby. He’s a very friendly cat, but can be timid when around strangers.

If anyone has seen Sooty I’d be so grateful if they can call Claire on 0151 625 6485 / 07840192765.
Photo of Charlie, 6 year old cat missing since Wednesday 23rd November 2011. Brown/Ginger Tabby. He now has a damaged left eye which is not shown in the photo. If you have found him please contact Ms Jones on 07940 725788 or 0151 6069208.
Keem, missing King Charles Spaniel belongs to Mrs McEvoy if reported missing please call 07519288060.
10/10/11 Our 3 year old Tom cat has been missing for 4 days now, its not normal for him not to come in for his feeds with his sister. And I am just wondering what the best thing to do, to find him etc.
He is black with a white patch on his chest, and he has a scar on his nose. He is a pretty 'stocky' Tom cat.
If you can help in any way, please contact me- Many thanks Melanie jenkins
07850176408 Kings Lane, Higher Bebington area.
Missing Cat
MAX Much loved Grey Tabby Male missing since 30th September called Max from Great Sutton, Laurelwood Drive which is at the back of the Wirral Hundred Pub.
The pictures were taken when he was about 5 /6 months old and he is now Age 1 ½ year’s so he has lost a fair bit of his grey tabby markings.
His back is nearly ALL Grey with no tabby now, however his face and legs are still grey tabby.
He is a slim build and fairly tall with a timid nature.
He normally doesn't wander far so I am very upset he hasn't returned.
He is microchipped so any vet will be able to identify him, he does not wear a collar. He is also neutered.
Please can you check your sheds and garages in-case he has been locked in.
A financial reward will be given if he is found.
If you have any information or sighting, please ring Ange on 0151 347 1675 or 0775 989 6419 - ASAP.
Please find attached a photo of my mums cat Charlie,
he went missing on Thursday 15th September 2011, from Torrington Road, Liscard, Wallasey,
he left home at 9am and did not return.
my mum is terribly distressed and upset.
he is about 15, bright ginger with white on his neck, bottom half of his face, his stomach
and his paws, his tail is very distinguished as it's white at the top with ginger rings around
the top of the tail in different shades of orange, it reminds us of a rattle snake.
he had a collar on when he went missing, its grey with a bright blue tag on with my mums
phone number on it.
he's been having difficulty jumping up high walls and we've been worried he's jumped down
into someones yard and cant get back out or is locked in someones shed, we hope he can
be found but also want to know if anythings happened to him.
mums phone number is 0151 638 7550, my mobile is 07885 635 281.
my mums name is Val and Im Julie (email address glover155@hotmail.com)
Thanks for your help
Raz has been missing since Sunday 25th September from Bebington, Wirral. He is a male, neutered Bengal cat. Golden brown with darker spots, striped legs and tail. Green eyes. He doesn't normally go outside of our garden because we have a high fence but he got out on the front. He is about age 6. He is microchipped but no collar.

He has a kidney problem and needs a prescription diet. He is a house cat who is not used to the big wide world and could be lost or disorientated.

We desperately miss him. Please do get in touch if you find him Sarah 07738 824550.

My cat Diego has been missing since the 31st of July 2011.

We are desperate because we still haven't found him. Please find attached his picture. You should have already received an e-mail from Animal search UK, however i thought i would send you an e-mail asking you to print his picture and keep it at hand in case someone brings him in.

I also ask to please have a look for him amongst the cats in your cattery. Please, please, please help us find him. he is my only and truly best friend!

Just to remind you, Diego is black and white, male, 3 years old, nutered, has had an uretrectomy, and was wearing a red collar.He was not microchipped. He is really friendly and looks like a kitten.

Please, please let me know if you had anything similar coming in. Diego went missing from L15 but i would not be surprised if he was found on the other side of town,since we are not able to find him in the area!

Thanks for your help!

Stitch is a 1 year old male cat, he has been neutered and is micro chipped but to our old address, we moved in   june.
He is very very very friendly and it is not like him not to come home. He has been missing since 2nd september, he did have a collar on but this was found chewed off in the garden.
Gaby and Izzy, my two young daughters are missing him lots as is his sister Lilo.
He still has pink paw pads and a pink mouth.
He went missing from kenilworth road in wallasey
Any information please please call becky on 07742353715
My cat is called demon, he is black all over except for a white tuft under his chin, he went missing on Friday night (26th Aug) at 4pm and has not been seen since, due to the thunderstorms he may have hidden in your sheds/garage or outhouse, can you please check them and see, any news please call Kim 07824341742 Thank you.
Hi my cat has been missing since Saturday night 27/8/11 from Hoole Chester CH2 3LE
This may not sound like a long time but this cat wakes me 3 times a night just have a cuddle & then goes back to sleep. We've had her since she was born and still have her mother. She is slim built black cat with a long tail and body.
Sher is very slim built, has a long body with long slim legs and a long tail. She is black all over and has 2 small patches of white- 1 on her chest and 1 on her stomach. She is also very vocal, allways chirping and meowing but not very loudly.
I am devastated and have been up all night looking for her.
Please if you can post this on webpage I would be very grateful and should you need to contact me contact me my name is Kate Ratcliffe and my number is 07752262103
Thank you for your time x
Jasper is a neutered male he is microchipped and is wearing a teal blue collar with a green tag to say chipped and he also has a tag with his phone number. He has gone missing from Kirkland Ave in Tranmere since 23/8/11. If you have found him please contact Mrs Thompson on 0151 643 8522 or 07932 962591.
Pebbles is approximately 15 years old...a smallish cat and she's a bit thin.

She has been missing from Friday AM and lives at 46 Broadway, Greasby, CH49 2NL, with Maggie Shaw (0151 677 4970). She has a blue flea collar on.

The photo on the fence is the most recent I have taken July 2011, the others are older.

My details are: Andrew Rollins, Poppy Close, Manchester, M23 9TF - Phone 0161 945 6712.
I have lost my orange winged amazon parrot from the newferry area his name is Charlie he very shy and quiet he is tame. Please contact Sue on 07543485638 if you have found or seen him.
My 8 mth old tortoiseshell kitten called Lola has been missing since Tuesday 9 Aug breakfast time.

Unfortunately, she isn't chipped or collared. She has been spayed. I live in Fairacres Road in Bebington CH63 3HA.

I wondered if anybody had brought her to you?

I have called at neighbours, telephoned local vets, and put posters up at local shops.   I have also registered her as lost with wirral council.  

I would be grateful if you could check and let me know. I attach a photograph. She has white fur under her chin down her chest. Lots of ginger flecks on her back. A pink nose, and distinctive ginger fur from nose upto between her eyes.  

Zoe Wakelam
07545 998 923
I have a minature lop eared rabbit, caramel, male and neutered who went missing in the Boughton Heath area of Chester last Friday the 12th of August.

My telephone number is 01244 323 597 and mobile 07828560292.

Reward if found.

kind regards
My rabbit when missing from the garden (Hambledon Drive, Greasby) late night on Tuesday the 16th of August.

He was last seen in a neighbours garden that night, they thought he wouldn't be able to get through their gate and so left it til morning unfortunatly he can squeeze into tiny spaces!

I have had a good search and have left many notes in doors.

I'm hoping he has been found and that some one is looking after him and may hand him in. If you have found him please call Louise McGoldrick on mobile: 07514664803 or home: 0151 678 5706.

Freddy is around 3-4 years old though i only got him 18 months ago i have become very attached and he is very loved and already greatly missed in our house.

He is a medium sized rabbit light brown all over with a little white tail and a white belly.
Harvey is a small brown Lionhead male. Lola is a silver/ gray female and has one dislocated ear. Both rabbits are friendly and are used to being handled. They were both taken from the garden of our house in Oxton, between the very early hours till late morning on the 9th August 2011. If you have any information about them please call me on 07515874958. Reward if they are found.
We let whiskas out sunday 7th August at around 9pm in Woodchurch, Wirral, but he usually stays in the backgardens of the house in Pemberton Road. He is a very friendly cat and will respond to his name being called. Here are two pictures one of his face and chest and the other of his body. The mobile number to contact is 07875488655 and ask for Warren Chadwick.
Our cat, Luigi has been missing since 8th or 9th July, the weekend of Chester Races. He is a tabby with a white chest and socks.   He was being treated for an eye infection when he went missing so he might look a bit of a fright by now.

He went missing earlier in the year for a week, when he came home he was a little thin and we believe he had sneaked into a shed or garage and been locked in. I think he has done the same again but may be unwell and been unable to get out

Phillipa David Amy & Mike Burton
Tel 01244346187
Mobile 07766224677 (Phillipa)
Mobile 07748591009 (David)
This is troy he is male and is 3 years old he went missing march the 1st last seen in fountain street birkenhead . my phone number is 01517211539 thanks leanne
Hi, I recently adopted this black and white cat from a friend who no longer can keep the cat, but she went missing 2 days ago, and I've been searching my local area with no success. This is a female black and white cat as you can see in the photo, she is 18 months old spayed but not chipped, went missing around Caithness Drive, Wallasey. Her name is Katie, and originally from Liverpool, and I only got her last week, so wondering being in strange environment she is trying to get back home but end up lost. My mobile is 07531381302. Any help would be great. Thanks

My cat has gone missing, please could you let me know if anyone has seen her. Please find attached a picture of her, she is small and gray, went missing with a pink collar on. Has a white bib and paws.

If you have seen her, please could you call me on 07928112186 Thanks Kirsty
Missing cat Suzi. Missing from the Albion street area of Wallasey/New Brighton. 3 year old all tabby short haired neutered female. She is wearing a silver collar that is sparkly with a magnet. If you have found her please contact Catherine on 01516390155 or 07796857232.
Missing cat, Hansel. He was last seen on Thursday 9th June at home in Elgin Drive, Wallasey just off Seabank Road.

He has been chipped with PetLog and they have been informed that he is currently missing.

If you have found him please contact Mike Elliott mob 07718 968728.
Missing: Monty is a 1 year old all black long haired neutered male. He has a very long bushy tail. He is not wearing a collar. He has gone missing from the West Way area of Lower Heswall. If you have found him please contact Steph on 0151 342 5096 or 07889 726197.
Missing female cat called Chloe from Willaston. She is 3 years old and was last seen on the 7th June 2011. She is a light Ginger with a white stomach, she isn't wearing a collar and is not chipped. Chloe is a very shy cat and it is not like her to wonder off. If you have any sightings of her or have found her, please ring on : Pete 07843325354 Amanda: 07708491887
Missing cat Bobby aged 6. He has been missing for 5 days since 30/5/2011 and does not usually go far from home. He is neutered and is missing from Wallasey. He is not wearing a collar and is not chipped. If you have found him please contact Joanne on 0151 606 4171 07547 765234.
Small black cat went missing on 31st May.
Never strays far from garden and never misses a meal. Failed to show up for breakfast so may have got himself locked in a shed or out-building.

Could you please have a look around your shed or outbuilding, including cellar, to see if he is there. If you find him please let him go and he will fly home for food and hugs. Many thanks. Call Holly, Lynne or Stefan on 630 2621 or call at 23 St James Road. Small reward.
Missing cat. Black and white neutered female from the Woodland Grove area of Birkenhead. She is not wearing a collar but is chipped. If you have found her please contact Gemma on 0151 5135779 or 07883 004790 or Richard on 07900 902568.
Missing 2 yr old white un-neutered male cat, he is All White with greeny brown eyes, he is not microchipped, his name is Kitty Cat, he has been missing for two weeks from the Woodchurch area. If you have found him please contact Tasha O' Brein on 07549623502.
We live in Thingwall on the Wirral and we have recently lost our 3 yr old Florence, a long haired Persian, photo attached. Would it be possible for you to contact me on 01516480061 should she be brought to yourselves? She is greatly missed and we hope she will return. Dominic Hignett
Lost pet ferret yesterday 17/5/11 on Storeton Road, Oxton, Wirral

She is a white albino who has been spayed this year. Very tame
Her name is Tinker Any info would be grateful

Clare Davies phone 07905982159 or 0151 488 7511 or 0151 609 0411
Hi My partner’s cat has been missing since Thursday 5.5.11, from the Hamilton Square area in Birkenhead.

He is an all black, chubby Tom cat called Georgie and is 2 years old.   He is pretty large for a cat and is neutered but not chipped. He has a silver flea collar on with a cat shaped name tag and telephone number attached.

He does occasionally stay out overnight but never any longer, he is very friendly and well known to all the neighbours. We have put out leaflets and spoken to the council’s Streetscene to no avail.

Many Thanks On behalf of Helen Panayiotou 07581460794
LOST CAT: Twiggy tabby short haired female she has a spot pattern up her belly and a purple and silver flea collar on. She isnt neutered yet and is 10 months old. She has gone missing from the Surrey Street area of Wallasey. If you have seen this cat or know where she is please contact Samantha on 07718 900078
Lost Cat

JD has been missing since the 20th April 2011,
he is a year old and isnt neutered.
He is wearing red flea collar with a bell.
He is friendly but can be quite nervous to.
He went missing from the Fairbrook Drive/ Gautby Road area Bidston.
He is a much loved pet and my children miss him badly.
If Found please call 07817673490 (Nicky)
Our beautiful family pet “Jess” went missing on the 2nd April 2011 from 2 Hope croft (Hope Farm area of Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port) At first we just expected her to saunter home, but now we are very worried and very concerned as she has been missing for over 2 weeks now. We have asked neighbours and done posters but nothing. She is 3yrs old and has jet black short hair and has piercing bright amber eyes. She is quite striking and has pretty long legs, and when she is hungry and sees food she is extremely vocal and kinda screams. She is microchipped and neutered. We moved back to the UK a yr ago after living in France and we brought all our pets back, they all settled really well and it’s extremely unusual for jess to go missing as she is always around our garden. She rarely stops out at night and if she does she is screaming to come in first thing in the morning. We are missing her desperately and our other animals are pining for her. We are all absolutely devastated she is gone and just want her home. We are so worried about her and very sad about her disappearance, she is quite very curious, so please could you all check your garden sheds and outbuildings. Please help find her. If you have seen or know where she is or have any information at all please contact Lianne or Andrea on: 0151 201 1066 or 07701064191.
I am desperately trying to find my young cat called Apple, she is mainly black with little white markings on her paws and around her collar.   She is missing from Greencroft Road/Poulton Road area, Seacombe, Wallasey. Picture attached.

She is only a small cat and is approximately 12 months old and you will be able to identify her from a silver glitter collar and huge eyes.

She ran out on Wednesday morning and we have not seen her since. She is really timid so is likely to be hiding somewhere? She is also very vocal and cries when she is distressed or hungry!

If you have any information at all, I would really appreciate it if you could contact me straight away as this kitty is not streetwise at all.

Best Wishes Catherine 07805244572
Lost family pet Ollie
He is a short hair black cat with white patches
He is wearing a blue collar with a bell attached
His left cheek has some thin fur after recently having an abcess
Lost in the Moreton area near Lingham Park/Bermuda Road
If found please call 0151 488 5419 or 07902474063
Have you seen our Cat?
Missing since Saturday evening from Kinmel Close. “Timo” is a very friendly and curious cat so may be trapped somewhere. Please could you check your sheds/garages?
Brown marble tabby with very thick stripes and swirl pattern on his sides. Four white paws and a little snip of white on the side of his nose. 7 months old so still quite small. Was wearing a pink reflective collar with paw prints on. He is microchipped and neutered.

If you find him or think you might have seen him please phone 07790563729
I wonder if you can help, while on holiday on our canal boat the family cat has gone missing. She's been gone since Tuesday last week. We've took her on holiday before, and she never strays very far from the boat.
Her name is Abbey, although I have to admit it is rarely used. We were moored in the Canal Basin area of chester. Near Telfords warehouse and Whipcord Lane.

We would dearly love to find our cat again, she's been a member of the family for sixteen years. I've included some photos

If you have heard anything please don't hesitate to contact us. My Mum and Dad are staying on the boat in the same place just in case, although I have gone back home.

we can be contacted at this address or 01928723552/07776332999

Paul Wheeler
Missing cat `SNOWY'. She is missing from Oxton Village for one week now (since 7/3/2011). She is not micro-chipped and has no collar.
Any news would be greatly received. We can offer a reward for her safe return.
If you know where she is please contact Suzette on 0151 652 6420.
I would be grateful if you could register this cat as missing.   Her owner sadly fell when carrying her and the carrier opened near the Cheshire Oaks Shopping Centre in Ellesmere Port.   She is a 12 year old neutered female, not chipped with bad ears (I guess ear mites) which are being treated at the vets, so the owner is particularly concerned that she is now not receiving treatment.

I would be grateful if you could let me know if you hear of anything.

Many thanks Gina Randall Ellesmere Port Cat Rescue
KK the cat has gone missing from Birnam Road in Wallasey on the 3/3/11. He is a large neutered male wearing a red collar with a magnet for the cat flap. He is 5-6 years old. If you have seen him please contact Chantelle on 07545 075816 or 07809 410349.
I am emailing you about my missing cat, she is called Lily and is black and white, we got her from you about 7 years ago, she has been missing since tuesday night 8/3/11, and has never been missing before. I live at Belford Drive, Moreton, Wirral. I enclose a photo of her, she is the one on the left. She does not wear a collar, but is microchipped. Please contact Christine on 0151 678 2798.
I have lost an adult male tom cat since January 2011
His name is Jim Bob
He is two years old
A flix face, mainly white long legs tall, with large black spots on his back, and just one single black spot on his tummy.
He is micro chipped
Wears a yellow colar.
Also has been castrated.
He is not a cat that meows

I live in Pensby, Northridge Road
Went out one day and has not been back, last seen January 2011
Missed very much
My name is Mrs Julie Camilleri
Mobile number:07973287650
email camilleri_julie@yahoo.co.uk
Salem went missing near St Pauls church/New street area ,in Seacombe on 6/3/11

Salem is male, neutered, all black in colour 5 years old, he was wearing a blue plastic collar but had no tag and is not micro-chipped

he is a very friendly cat and could have wandered into someones house as he is prone to doing that.

he is small for a male cat and due to eye problem his eyes sometimes weep.

If you have seen this cat or know where he is please contact Christopher on 07783707815.
Missing cat

Jim is a British Short Haired Tippy. He is a grey tabby 4 year old neutered male. He is wearing a grey reflective collar with a tag and bell. He is also microchipped. Missing from Nicholas Court in Chester. If you have any information please contact Jane on 01244 320493 or 07590542905.
My pet Rabbit has escaped from my house sometime between 6 O'clock last night (Monday 21st February) and 6 o'clock tonight (Tuesday 22nd February). Missing from Cornflower Way, Moreton. She is a white Netherland Dwarf Rabbit with Black eyes. She is female and has a few grey/black old age marks on her body, but not many and they are just visable.

If you have any reports about a rabbit matching this description being
handed in could you please contact Emily Smith on 0151 488 5592 or 07716984972 or 07518455991.
Missing cat ginger male Sidney aged 5

Missing around December 17th 2010 from bromborough area.

If any information please call on 07754296645. Thanks Mark
Missing Cat...

His name Milo, He is an all black, long haired, 2 year old neutered male cat. He has been missing since new years day 2011. He went missing from a friend who was looking after him, from the Seacome area, overdale avenue. He is black all over with a very fluffy tail. He has a very small white triangular shape just under his chin (very faint). His family miss him dearly. He is microchipped. Please help find him. If you have seen or know where he is please contact me on 0151-638 7007 or 07950570492.
Its been about a year since my cat went missing, but heard of cats being found after that time, and no vet has registered her chip if been in an accident, so giving it another shot...

She went missing from the Cheshire Oaks area, Ellesmere Port. She is a pedigree tabby style short hair... beige with black stripes, right down to her tail, and white paws, chin and chest.   She really distinguishable by a cute squished-like button brown nose and walks like a diva (!)Big green eyes... she really does look "pretty"

She was wearing a colar, it was a reflective one, with a barrel on with our name and address inside. She was a sod for exploring and came home twice without her colar so I fear she lost it again. It was May last year she didn't come home one day. She is microchipped.

If you have any information i would love to hear from you on 07541353861.
Many thanks, Laura Edwards.
Missing cat Oscar
He is a very small 8 month old male ginger kitten. He wears a blue collar with a white bell with 'kitty cat' printed on it. He was last seen on 3rd February in the morning and hasn't been seen since then. If you have found him then please contact: 0151 678 3880 or 07818847183.
I was wondering if anyone could help me. Our kitten went missing on 27th December 2010 from the ellesmere port area ch65 2bj. He is only 10 months old. His name is Dave. He isn't micro chipped and he did have a collar on but kept losing it so not sure if he would still have it on. he is a very loving cat and was really good with my children.   we have moved a week ago and we were hoping he would come home before we moved but no such luck. we are desperate to find him now. If you have seen him or know where he is please let me know. 07917 417 006 Many thanks Jemma.


RING ME ON 07906463276

Missing cat from Grovedale Drive in Moreton. Last seen on 15th January. Black and white 3 year old neutered female with pink collar on. If you have found her please contact Mrs Murphy on 0151 677 8637 or 07849 160797.
Missing cat Bond (adopted from Wallasey RSPCA centre named Nuru)

Bond went missing on 5th December 2010 Sunday night Seabank Rd near manor Rd area in Wallasey. He has short black and white hair with one ear white and other black. Black collar with tag with name and our address. Cat is micro-chipped and neutered. If you have found this cat please contact the Animal Centre on 0151 638 6318.
Big cat is 1-2 old has no collar an abit taken from his right ear missing from cross lane area since 1/01/11
Maggie went missing on Saturday night 8/1/11. She has short hair and is mostly black with a white under-belly. She was wearing a red collar and has not been micro chipped. She has been neutered. She has a distinctive black dot of fur under her white chin.
My cat Chin went missing on 23rd Nov 2010. My cat is micro chipped and was wearing a Tartan collar, Please contact me on 07984672889. Missing from Runcorn Chester.
Missing from the Liscard area. Mackeral tabby 14 year old neutered male. He has medium lenght hair. He is wearing a black diamanté collar which is old. If you have found him please contact Mrs Sawden on 0151 630 5237 or 07515 455144. He has been attacked by a dog and ran off so he may be injured.
Please help find Molly. She is a Terrier/Jack Russell cross. She went missing from her home in Durley Drive, Prenton, on Friday 17 December and hasn't been seen since. Her owners are desperately missing her and worrying about her. If you have any information or can help in any way please contact us on 0151 638 6318 and leave a message or email rspcawirral@btconnect.com. Lets try and get her home for Christmas!
smokey 12/12
Smokey escaped when a delivery man called, we have had Smokey for three months and she hasn't been out at all in that time, she is very friendly and will go to anyone. She is wearing a blue collar with a fish motif on in the same colour, she went missing at lunch time on 11th December from Glen Park Road, Wallasey. If anyone has seen her or any information please contact Judith on 0151 601 2195/07732 210 714. Thank you.
Hi i came into Wallasey RSPCA on 8/12/10 to report our white cat smudge missing in the egrermont area here is a picture of her and her distinctive tabby/black tail as she is all white with only a couple of tabby/black marks on her. If found please contact the animal centre on 0151 638 6318.
missing cat smudge
Muffin; Age 6. Extremely nervous. Missing from Cleveley Road, Meols since 30th of November.
Please contact us on 01516322653 or 07870929419
muffin missing
To whom it may concern,
Just contacting you in the hopes that someone may have handed in or found my cat, who   hasn't been seen since around the 23rd/24th of November from a flat on Twickenham Drive in Leasowe. I've put up posters all around the local area, as I didn't believe he would have got far, but have not had any response as yet.

He's all black, with slightly thinner patches of hair between his eyes and each ear, under which you can see little black patches on his skin. He didn't have a collar on at the time, as he'd had a reaction to the flea collar, so he has a relatively bald patch in a ring around his neck instead. He hasn't been nuetered, as we'd had some trouble with FLUTD, and I was advised if could make it worse. As such he's also kept on a prescription diets (Hills c/d) to prevent it from happening again.
He's very shy, especially   outside where he runs away from anything that moves, but if he was cold and hungry enough he may have got over that and been caught by someone. I'm house sitting at the moment, so he may have tried to get back to Scoresby Road in Leasowe, but I doubt it, he'd been at Twickenham for almost 2 months and was settling in relatively well.
With the weather, his FLUTD and having seen a few foxes around, I really worried, hopefully you can help.

Thank you for any assistence, advice or good wishes,
Andrew MacDonald
salem 2 missing
salem 1 missing
To whom it may concern.

I would be grateful if you would advertise my missing cat on your website.

His name is George and he was was last seen on the afternoon of Friday 26th November in Teehey Lane, Bebington.   He is medium sized, is 13 years old but looks younger and is in good health.   He is dark brown/black with a white chest, face and paws and his fur is long/fluffy.   He has a pink but dirty looking nose.   His whiskers are white, with one white one above his left eye.   He does not wear a collar and is not micro-chipped.

He likes to be outdoors a lot of the time but never usually strays far from the house.   We are very upset as he seems to have just vanished, having searched and put out fliers for him.  

If you have any information could you please call 07776466990.   Thank you, Ruth Keegan.
george missing cat
missing cat, peanut, from barnston lane moreton. 27/11/10 please contact us on 0151 638 6318 if you have any information.
missing cocatiel
Lost pearl cockatiel. Hand tame 5 year old female. Lost in the Prenton area.
If you have found this cockatiel please contact 0151 608 7172.
Cleo was lost in Mickle Trafford Stile End. If you have any information please contact us on 0151 638 6318 she is quite distinctive in that she doesn't have a tail. Missing since Tuesday 9th November
I contacted you recently about my 2 missing cats I have now had a 3RD go missing on sunday 14/11/10. Patch is a black and ginger female shorthaired tortie with a ginger stripe between her eyes to her nose. She is wearing a gold collar. PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT PATCH, DAISY OR ASBE PLEASE CONTACT ME ON 01244 303282.
Patch Starkey missing cat
Asbe Starkey missing cat
2 lost cats. I have searched high and low the past few days I just find it so strange that the 2 of them went missing on the same night.
Asbe is a black shorthaired male age 3 with a gold flea collar he has some white stray hairs on his back leg and a little cut to his ear which he did when he was a kitten. He has green/yellow eyes and is a very playful cat, not fond of strangers and loves to play fight he has been neutered.

Daisy is a black/white shorthaired cat with a black smudge on her nose and one fang tooth she has a red flea collar. She is a very loving cat who loves attention and company i have attached her picture. Both went missing monday (1 November) night/early hours tuesday morning as they both went out at half 12. They are both homely cats and usually never venture far.

If you have found these cats please contact 01244 303282

thank you

Mrs Chamberlain
Mickle Trafford
We reported out cat Shadow missing today (29/10/10) from Montrose Avenue Seacombe. Tabby neutered male with black harness with tag. If found please contact Jake on 07926634719 or 0151 346 9816.
Shadow missing
Pickle) has gone missing on the 20th October 2010.

He is a 5 year old, MALE, MICROCHIPPED , NEUTERED TABBY. He was last seen in the Eastham Area, CH62.

If you have found this cat please call Rachel on 07756 318766 OR 0151 355 5965
Bailey is a 7 year old white/ginger long haired moggy.   He's been missing since Oct 17th 2010. If you have found this cat please contact Karen on 07904 654310.
23/10/10 Lost cat: Honey, she went missing about 3 weeks ago in the Lindale Road area. If found please call 07561317877. This cat may have been taken from an abandoned house in Fairfield Rd, Kensington area.
Please email any lost pets to us together with a description and a picture and we will gladly put it on our site for you.
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